Breakout Artist Porcelan Says We Need A Female #Verzuz Battle!

Quarantine with the Stars: Porcelan

Porcelan also discusses her new album, how she got her start in music, and what it was like working with music legend Timbaland.

Calling all Porcelan Dolls! Don’t Act Out, I’ve got all the Porcelan coverage you need right here. Porcelan joined me for another edition of AfterBuzz TV’s Quarantine With The Stars and we chatted all about her new music, the inspiration behind her single Act Out, what it was like working with Timbaland, and so much more!

For those unfamiliar with Porcelan and her work, the “Lois Lane” singer is an independent artist who’s ready to take the music industry by storm.

Porcelan has been passionate about music her whole life, and got her start during elementary school at a talent show where her teacher noticed her incredible voice.

As she grew up, Porcelan continued to pursue music and even toured China with a cover band before breaking out on BET’s 106 & & Park. After her stint on this show, Porcelan and her music were being pursued by iconic producer Timbaland.

“When I went down, I was about 18 when I met him actually. I got there because I did 106 & Park, and it’s like such a blur. But I was about 18, it was 2010 and I left 106 & Park stage and he gave me a call. And we kept in touch for about two months after that, and I went down there and I got a chance to work with him and just be around him, and just see how industry artists or producers actually work, and it’s an all day thing! It’s not like something that you do like ok I’m gonna do music for like an hour. You have to stay in the studio, and it was amazing just getting the opportunity to watch him work and just you know soaking up those tips.”

Porcelan even shared that she witnessed Timbaland produce music on tracks through LITERALLY beating on walls to create sounds!

Through working with such a legend in Timbaland, Porcelan was never more sure that the music industry is exactly where she needs to be.

Speaking of the music industry, the industry has been blowing up over #Verzuz and Porcelan shared that she was LIVING for Teddy Riley vs. Babyface. Also, Porcelan can’t wait for a female #Verzuz with some of the best names in the biz.

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